An Unromantic’s Attempt to Write Romance–Roasting and Ranking (most) All of the Couples I’ve written

Hullo friends! So last year a post landed on Valentine’s day; I wrote about some of my favorite fictional romantic couples, from the perspective of a non-romantic (which is what I am). Somehow, it’s my most viewed post of all time. 😐 So apparently you people enjoy when I torture myself (and you) with discussion […]


An Unromantic’s Attempt to Do Something Valentine Themed

Tallyhi! Happy Feast of Saint Valentine! I thought it might be kinda fun to talk about my favorite fictional romances…or we’ll use the kids’ term for this post, since it’s shorter, and call them ‘ships’ Edit: warning. This quickly dissolved into utter chaos. The amount of memes in this post ought to prove that. #notaromantic […]