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‘There’s More to Life Than Pretty Things’–General Updates and Rambles, feat. new discoveries and old enthusiasms

Tallyhi my friends! So WordPress has this annoying new feature called ‘prompts’, and today when I tried to type something it suggested I answer the question ‘what is one thing you would change about yourself?’ I don’t really intend to answer that question, but knowing how very rambling and random this type of post tends […]

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Here’s A Health–Life of late, feat. rediscoveries, an anniversary, a ballad sing, and a festival

Hello hello my friends and how doth thee?! ^that is too enthusiastic a greeting for this blog for sure. Ahem. Good afternoon. Or good evening. Or should I say Guten Nacht… Um yeah so I’ve been up to stuff lately and I’m here to talk about it. That’s the intro. Tallyho. A Book I’ve Been […]


A General Ramble On Life and Things–feat. Studio Ghibli, L’Angelus, and Thornrose Cemetery, among other things

‘Sup guys. How’s your lives been? In no particular order, mine has been chaotic, dreadful, and splendid all at once. The dread and the chaos I will not be explaining in any real detail, but the splendid bits I’d like to tell you about. I think this post is just going to be a general […]