Literary updates

A General, Lengthy, and Chaotic Update Ramble–feat. new media discoveries, more unhinged WordPress prompts, and minireviews of ATLA and TSE

Tallyhi everybody! Do you grown-up and experienced bloggers ever do that thing where you totally forget you’re supposed to post and so forget to write anything? No? Am I just a failure? I feel like that would be par for the course. Gosh how did I forget to write this??!! I’m so excited to write […]

Remember, O Thou Man

Remember, O Thou Man Week 3: A Lenten Meditation, as sketched out by the Hand of the Artist In A Soul I Once Knew

Title kinda says it all. If you’ve read the sister post, you sort of know what I’m about to do. If not, I don’t really know how to explain it to you, so I’m just gonna launch in. Actually, I take that back. I think this one needs some more clarity. Although first: hi. How […]