Remember, O Thou Man

Remember, O Thou Man Week 3: A Lenten Meditation, as sketched out by the Hand of the Artist In A Soul I Once Knew

Title kinda says it all. If you’ve read the sister post, you sort of know what I’m about to do. If not, I don’t really know how to explain it to you, so I’m just gonna launch in. Actually, I take that back. I think this one needs some more clarity. Although first: hi. How […]

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Here’s A Health–Life of late, feat. rediscoveries, an anniversary, a ballad sing, and a festival

Hello hello my friends and how doth thee?! ^that is too enthusiastic a greeting for this blog for sure. Ahem. Good afternoon. Or good evening. Or should I say Guten Nacht… Um yeah so I’ve been up to stuff lately and I’m here to talk about it. That’s the intro. Tallyho. A Book I’ve Been […]

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So I’m writing a thing and I thought I would…

Hey guys hi. Forget what I said about posting on Monday. I mean, don’t forget it–you can always expect me on Monday, but maybe just expect me to pop up occasionally at other times as well. Does that make sense? I dinna ken. Hey guys. How was your week? Mine was…mildly grueling? I started my […]