Happy Easter–but one more Very Serious Post–some beautiful truths learned by ageing out of an abusive household

*glances at title* Hello my friends! A glorious and blessed Easter to you all. I hope you have a wonderful day with your families. Remember O Thou Man 2023 is finished–I was only tagged in one post (here), so I didn’t end up doing a full wrap-up. But I hope you all enjoyed what I […]

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Here’s A Health–Life of late, feat. rediscoveries, an anniversary, a ballad sing, and a festival

Hello hello my friends and how doth thee?! ^that is too enthusiastic a greeting for this blog for sure. Ahem. Good afternoon. Or good evening. Or should I say Guten Nacht… Um yeah so I’ve been up to stuff lately and I’m here to talk about it. That’s the intro. Tallyho. A Book I’ve Been […]


Adventures As a Small-Town Bookkeeper–feat. math being different in England and dismembered gas pumps

I think the title pretty much says it all. Ladies and gents, I work a full time job as an accountant and bookkeeper for a family owned small business that’s been around for four generations. It’s honestly not that small a business anymore…it’s an oil company, and it’s the parent company to nine gas stations […]