My works in progress

Molly From Hugo: gaslamp fantasy (sort of)/heavily inspired by folk music and Dickens/first draft finished August of 2021/intend to publish someday


In this story, there is a dark rain. There is a mountain range beyond which no man has set foot. There is a library hiding dreadful secrets, and a school hiding dreadful men. There is a court that has condemned innocent men twice in ten years.

In this story, there is a lonely student who gets in trouble for asking questions. There is a body at the bottom of the Southern Ocean. There is a young songwriter suffering for crimes he did not commit. There is a girl who he has not seen for so long that he has forgotten the sound of her voice.

In this story, there is a carrier pigeon whose message was never delivered. There is a train ticket that was never used, heading to a small town far out on the moors. There is a map that inexplicably depicts the unseen West Coast. There is a girl who finds a ghost in an abandoned cellar—a ghost who will tell no one his last name.

And in this story, there is a hot air balloon of unknown origins, drifting silently through the clear autumn sky.

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For Old Time’s Sake: gaslamp fantasy/sequel to Molly From Hugo/first draft currently finished and in desperate need of editing/no idea if it’ll be good enough to publish.


In this story, there is a dark rain. There is a young man who dreams of flying. There is a murderer’s grown-over grave. There is a green eagle embroidered on scarlet wool.

In this story, there is a girl who must not go home. There is a duchess enclosed in a prison cell. There is a train whose passengers have disappeared. There is a woman fast turning to a spinster.

In this story, there is a forsaken island nation. There is a lawyer who has taken up its cause. There is a country that wishes to consume it. And there is a prince who could save it—if he could only save himself.

And in this story, there is an old clockmaker, sitting silently at his workbench, watching the world whisk by.

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And After That, The Dark: gaslamp fantasy/successor to the aforementioned two/much Dickens and folk music vibes if all goes according to plan/but take those vibes and make them post-apocalyptic gaslamp/no synopsis as of yet/first draft currently in progress

posts about this WIP

Turning the Century: odd type of fantasy I don’t know how to explain, set jointly in a 1920s inspired world and an 1890’s inspired world/collaboration with Belle / currently in progress, but going slowly/ no synopsis yet