I attempt to explain myself

Hi, I live in the grand old land of *redacted* and I’m jolly fond of hazelnuts.

That seems like sufficient introduction.

(Maybe I should put more.)

Okay, I am also jolly fond of G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Gloria Whelan. Or, rather, I am jolly fond of their writing. I don’t know them personally. (Though I’d like to know Chesterton personally. Except he’s dead. Am I getting sidetracked?)

So yes, I like to read. I come from a large family that I will never be talking about for privacy reasons. Except The Dead One. Because he’s dead. Like Chesterton. So he certainly doesn’t care.

I am also a Tridentine Catholic. I’m not sure how often I’ll be talking about that. It’s a bit of a hot-button topic these days, and I have neither time nor patience for hot-buttons.

I guess none of this goes to show who I really am, which is a young female working on her college degree and pegging away at her novels with dogged (and probably misplaced) determination.

Oh, also, I listen to a lot of folk music. We’re going to be talking about that a lot–or rather, we shan’t talk, but I shall write, and you shall read, or not read, as the case may be. Either way, God bless us, every one!

Oh, also, also, images on this site come from all over the place and are not mine unless otherwise stated, so tip the wink if an image is yours and you want me to take it down, savvy?

That seems sufficient. Oh wait, also also also, if you wanted to know about the alias, it’s because I kill off a lot of characters. Poor devils. Uh. Yeah. You may call me Grim if it’s less clunky. Tallyho!